— Eight App
UI Design
Launched in 2014, Eight is the first technology based sleep-tracking company without a wearable device. Its device senses and analyzes data such as breathing rate, slept hours, and bed warming to maximize comfort while sleeping. Eight utilizes all the data it tracks to build a blueprint of individual sleeping patterns compiled into sleep metrics conveniently located within a personalized mobile application. Usage of the Eight app helps guide the advancement of your sleep experience.
Eight's app re-design was developed planning for it to be used within a sleep inducing environment. We employed a dark toned palette and included gradients representing the dawn and sunset. The app includes comfort features such as Smart Home integrations, White Noise Player, and Smart Alarm. All connectivity features can be activated with a simple swipe within the Eight app.
User Interfase Kit
Launch screens
White noise player
White noise player flow screens
Sleep insights
Client onboarding
Color palette proposals
Bed warming screens
Insights screens
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