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UI design & development
Serving as one of the only constant interaction mediums between the nomadic museum, their fellow artists, and their spectators, Black Cube’s website represents one of their most important brand elements.

With no permanent collection or exhibition space, unlike most stationary art museums, the website itself helps support access to contemporary art and artists’ sustainability.

We designed an interactive experience based on the versatile branding system, creating a special bond between the spectators and the museum.
The website lets the user navigate from an artist's profile to their current or past exhibitions allowing them to explore new emerging artists around the world as well as learning how to get involved with the museum and become part of Black Cube’s experience.

To address dynamism, we transformed simple elements (such as titles) into distinctly visual experiences influencing people to discover and appreciate contemporary art beyond traditional museums and gallery walls, being that, one of Black Cube’s main goals.

Visit the full branding project for Black Cube here.
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