— Entremes
Branding & Interiorism
Entremés is a culinary factory specialising in offering practical and tasteful catering for social gatherings, located in Monterrey, Mexico.

Looking into the company and its products we learned that while offering a variety of products, these are all linked together by the use of one ingredient: parsley. Our proposal, presented on December 2014, thus, incorporates the parsley in the logo accentuating it as a brand key ingredient.
The store’s interiors were inspired by minimalistic elements found in industrial kitchens focusing on its clear and practical foundations. Subsequently we added warm touches by incorporating wooden floors and bright illumination.

The store looks to showcase its products as the main event, enhancing the display capacity of the store to the maximum while maintaining an attractive feel for the customer.
Food packaging
Food refrigerations units
Food packaging & notebooks
Store interior side view
Food packaging
Corner tile detail
Business cards
Store exterior
Brand collateral
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