— Carlotta
Boutique branding
Carlotta is a traditional Mexican style bakery, where folkloric pastries such as “conchas”, cakes and “buñuelos” are prepared.

Our brand proposal adopts graphic styles from Mexico during “El Porfiriato”, a historical period in which the country was under the control of president Porfirio Diaz, a man heavily influenced by French customs, art and architecture. We used official documents from that era as main visual references to redesign those classic typographic styles.
The brand embraces delicacy and elegance, both represented in the subtle arrangement of flowers as the main pattern. This element rounds up our identity design proposal, integrating each piece together with a black frame to settle the movement it creates, thus preserving the brand's delicate personality.
Business card
Corporate stationery
Product packaging
Brand collateral
Boutique bag
Packaging design
Jam jars
Tea packaging
Brand behavior
Brand behavior
Brand behavior
Packaging design
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