— Redberry
Branding & architecture
Redberry is a shoe store looking to adopt the typical American footwear retailer / outlet store vibe. The idea of the store is to introduce the American concept of providing branded footwear at affordable prices for the general public.

Our branding proposal takes off from the store's name, Redberry. So we designed an iconic logo based on the simplification of a raspberry's unique shape. On the other hand, the typographic style and the main single-color selection within the identity act as the contributing factor that defines the brand with an industrial / modern style.
Following this concept, our interior design proposal uses industrial materials, such as metal and concrete, to immerse the consumer in a factory-like setting with a modern twist that comes from the brand's look and feel. The use of raw finishes in the interior design, such as the gridded metal shelves, increases the brands industrial feel and rounds it up perfectly.
Packaging design
Business card
Store interiors
Store front
Façade detail
Brand collateral
Brand behavior
Interior lighting detail
Branded t-shirt
Shopping bag
Brand behavior
Interior air conditioning ducts
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