— Borealica
Corporate branding
Boreálica is a clinic that specializes in Whole Body Cryotherapy, a treatment that uses extremelly low temperatures to decrease inflammation, pain and muscle spasms, and increase cellular survival and muscle relaxation. Boreálica uses specialized cryogenic chambers where the patient is placed for a short duration of maximum three minutes. Patients describe the experience as invigorating and helping them cope with problems such as stress, insomnia, rheumatism, joint pain, itching and psoriasis.
Our proposal draws inspiration from the most frigidly cold places on Earth, the North and South poles. Using a frosty color palette of white, grey and holographic foil we communicate the nature of Boreálica's glacial services. The monogram is designed based on the traditional symbolic representation of temperature, using the signs around Boreálica's "B" to round up the brand's cool factor. Overall, we strived to create a brand that would convey the values of health, technology and hygiene to a target market consisting of professional athletes and health-conscious people.
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