— Jugen
Boutique branding & interiorism
Jugen is a brand specializing in health foods, especially juices made from all-natural ingredients and super foods. Since Jugen's products are created with the purpose to cleanse, heal, and detoxify the body, our design proposal takes inspiration from ancient herbal medicine bottles. We added modules to provide cleanliness, modernity and order, much like in a modern laboratory.
For the interior design we created a space that is a mix between a bar and an apothecary shop. The lighting, mostly natural light from the sun, together with the lush vegetation, the lab equipment and flasks, and the diverse books, creates a natural, warm, and inclusive space.
Shop interiors
Cleansing juice bottle
Shop interior
Boutique bag
Tonic bottles
Business cards
Juices to-go
Interior props
Store front
Detox juice bottle
Superfood packaging
Props and brand behavior
Props and brand behavior
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