— GDR 51st Global Innovation Report Cover
GDR Creative Intelligence approached us with an invitation to design their 51st Global Innovation Report. The cover's subject had to explore the growing trend of brands highlighting their provenance and origins. Our idea consisted in taking the word ‘provenance’, the original word for ‘origins’, and analyze and pick apart its very concept and genesis. We set out to uncover and discover the tenet of provenance thoroughly and completely, the provenance of provenance itself.

The diagram first explores the emergence of the actual notion of provenance, which dates back to the Bizantine Empire and was used to verify the authenticity of precious metals.
This is how the hallmark first came to be. In the Renaissance, the hallmark became present in paintings and other works of art, giving value to the work depending on its marked author. Its relevance in retail came recently when people started wondering where their favorite products came from, how they were made, and with what materials. Now there’s a niche market that doesn’t mind paying more for a product that boasts its origin, elaboration and materials.

On the other side of the diagram we find the etymological origins and development of the word itself. For example, the word comes from the French language, which in turn was birthed and mutated from Latin.
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