— El Vivero
Real estate branding
El Vivero, spanish for Green House, is Fraterna's first vertical development, targeting young couples and businesses.

Real estate brands in Mexico tend to use a very sophisticated language in their effort to sell an aspirational product. However, we believe that brands should convey as much honesty as possible.

Anagrama bent the rules in order to create a message that was friendly, sincere, and straight forward enough to be trusted.
Having a very tight advertising budget, we knew that each piece: brochure, flyers, stationery, etc. should have enough visual impact to captivate those who visited the sales offices.

Few months after sales started, the efforts have shown results and have surpassed the sales velocity expectancy.
Business Card.
Brochure / Notepad
Borhure / Norepad, Interior Spread.
Opening Invitation.
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