— Micheline
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Micheline is a print-shop boutique dedicated to designing and printing stationery and pieces for social events. Interested in rejuvenating the brand in order to captivate the unexplored segment of young adults, Micheline came to Anagrama.

Thanks to our branding strategy, Micheline is now a boutique that shows the highest quality, and welcomes all generations, making them feel comfortable and in their own environment.
We selected a color palette based mainly on black and white, since all of the printed pieces are very colorful.

Also, we designed a monogram that would be easy to reproduce on all of their printed pieces and that would work as a signature for their workshop.

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Package Design.
Grand Opening Invitation.
Stationery Design.
Object Design.
Boutique Bag.
Catalog Design.
Secondary Logotype.
Catalog Detail.
Web Site Design.
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