— Romantica
Romantica is a boutique that offers headpieces, barrettes and various hair accessories, focusing on custom made pieces and personalized service.

As weddings and brides are the brand's target audience, our goal was to create a communication language inspired by the contrast of classical typographic elements and some hints of contemporary aesthetics.

For this project it was necessary to begin by developing the brand's strategy and all the way through the packaging set, labels and business system, to name a few.
Romantica, as its name suggests it, is all about beauty and femininity. The logotype was drawn calligraphic-ally, contrasting thin and thick strokes to accentuate the brand's personality.

The color palette is inspired by the aesthetics of popular Mexican stores, traditionally dedicated to selling clothing for this kind of event. It was the combination of these bright colors, the traditional calligraphy and the contemporary design that dictated Romántica's Identity: a modern boutique specialized in accessories for traditional events.
Store Stationary.
Business Card.
Product Box Set
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