— La Fábrica Del Taco
Restaurant branding
This project was created for a Mexican restaurant in Argentina. It was a very gratifying project mainly because we consider our gastronomic tradition as one of the greatest Mexican cultural legacies which has become an ambassador our identity in other countries. Taking this into account, the design process was conceived adapting references from the Mexican pop culture, specifically, custom hand made signage which typically uses uses saturated neon colors, a very simple symbology and an ingeniously traced typography.
The visual communication had to be easily understood mainly because the culinary "taco" culture in Argentina is non existent. We took, as a result, the typical Mexican taco stand colors mixing them in such a way that when combined with the typographic and iconic elements it would communicate tradition and modernity. This was essential as the restaurant is located in the Palermo Soho zone in Buenos Aires. The result was a high-end taco restaurant that aims at a young and demanding market filled with new experiences. This project was developed in collaboration with Nrmal.
Menu and business cards
Business card detail.
Brand positioning posters.
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