— Solaz
Hotel branding
Solaz is the newest addition to the iconic Luxury Collection Hotels developed by Starwood located in Los Cabos, Mexico. Featuring modern and pristine accommodations accompanied by a top-of-the-line gastronomic experience, spa, exercise equipment and modern installations.

Our brand proposal incorporates gold accents that highlight the luxury standards of the brand.
The color palette simulates the architectural finishes found in the hotel installations including metals, concrete, and wood translating these into tones that enfold the brand.

The logo features the region's natural treasure: the coral. Our brand proposal visually reflects the coral's organic ramifications and embraces its iconic figure. The typography complements the brand by adding a stylistic touch of classic elegance.
Notepad, keychain and business cards
Towels with embroidery
Responsive website
Water bottles
Bathroom accessories
Business cards
Business cards with lateral foil
Website homepage
Bathroom kit
Napkin and envelope
Room service
Bathroom robe
Notepad, water bottle and catalogue
Boutique bag
Room stationery
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