— Vienna Woods
Corporate branding
Vienna Woods is a company that specializes in providing natural looking, high-quality engineered timber and laminate flooring, located in New Zealand.

Our proposal is based on one element: wood. Its qualities, including texture, form, and color are the core inspirations for the brand. We exploited these details and amplified their dimensions in order to get to de essence of the material, which is conformed by organic curves. We designed a logo that simulates these characteristics by joining lines with asymmetric inclinations.
Graphic components found in the modulation of wood tiles draw inspiration for the brand’s stationary. We replicated and thus incorporated the uneven distribution of logos found in the back of wood tiles and the cut-in and out structure found in its contouring. Integrating image and product in an engaging way.
Shipping label
Store sign
Woods catalogues and cleaning cloth
Compliment slip and A4 envelope
Business cards
Woods catalogues
Business card
Compliment slip and A4 envelope
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