— Caravan Tokyo
Branding & Interiorism
Caravan Tokyo is a mobile accommodation project located in several strategic areas around the city of Tokyo. The service offers all of the facilities that are necessary to explore the city, including tours and guides that can be booked during the guest’s stay. These trailers are vintage and have been rescued, renovated, and designed for people to experience a unique stay in Tokyo, allowing them to branch out from the typical vacation format.

Our proposal is inspired by the combination of Formula 1 race cars and the Japanese visual culture. This led us to create a design line that is simple, basic, and functional, allowing the communication of the brand’s objectives in a concrete and straightforward manner.
The colors of the trailers are altered depending on the racing team and its area.

An icon system was developed to highlight the values of the project, which represent the cultural features of Japan. A series of promotional items were also created to expand on the practical spirit of the brand.
Business cards
Brand collateral
Pillow imprint
Corporate stationery
Letterhead detail
Corporate stationery
Caravan Tokyo interior
Blanket labeling
Vanity kit box
Vanity Kit
Soap packaging
Brand collateral
Caravan Tokyo interior
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