— La Plata 47
Restaurant branding
“La Plata 47” is an Argentinean restaurant located in Queretaro, Mexico, offering a unique experience of the country’s culture. The naming for the restaurant is inspired by the country’s rich culture and its elements, including argentinian folklore, tango, the history surrounding the founding of the country’s silver mines, and the number 47, which stands for the precious metal’s atomic number in the periodic table.

Our brand proposal takes Argentina’s flag as a reference for the color palette and patterns used throughout the brand.
A modern twist gives “La Plata 47” its personality and allows it to maintain its elegance and authenticity. The brand heightens the argentine culture, especially its regional dishes, and achieves generating warmth while maintaining the romance that distinguishes this country.
Corporate stationery
Letterhead detail
Brand behavior
Brand peripherals
Silver foil stamp
Food ordering pad
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