— El Semillero
Real estate branding
“El Semillero” is an apartment building complex located in the heart of Monterrey, Mexico. “El Semillero” functions as an intervention in this cultural area by creating a sustainable environment and offering natural expandable housing based on the user’s basic needs and economic flexibility. The project targets young couples and characterizes itself as Fraterna’s largest project yet as well as the continuation to “El Vivero”.

Our branding proposal evokes nature and open spaces; it portrays the dynamic details found within “El Semillero”.
The use of a ‘citric’ color palette can be compared to that of Fraterna’s former project “El Vivero’s”, whose palette was monochromatic for the most part. The brand complements itself with isometric illustrations showing key landmarks and representative areas that demonstrate the advantages of living in these apartments. “El Semillero” is the much-needed initiative to revive local cultural areas that are on the edge of oblivion.
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Corporate stationery
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