— T4Turban
Product branding
T4TURBAN is a line of custom-made turbans made specifically tailored for women. The brand was created by Saudi entrepreneur and fashion designer Rand AlBassam with the ambitious goal to revolutionize the middle Eastern hijab and revive the much-neglected turban. Based in Saudi Arabia, the brand uses stunning patterns and colors that are not only stylish, but also appropriate for the region's culture and tradition. Their online store not only offers their beautiful apparel to elegant women in the Middle East, but to fashionable ladies around the world as well.
The logotype, just like T4TURBAN's creations, is custom made to look modern and sharp, like the high-end fashion brand it is. In direct contrast to the logotype's cold frankness is the softer iconic gesture, a representation of what a T and a 4 would look like in an Arabic monogram. The color palette is fresh, feminine and reminiscent of bright, delicate spring gardens. The design layouts, with the highlights and out-of-the-box text, were carefully designed to communicate the brand's determined purpose of breathing life into Muslim women's headgear.
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