— Fundacion Capital
Corporate branding
Fundación Capital is a non-profit organization with several bases located in Latin America that centers its efforts in fostering new ideas to challenge the persistence of poverty and exclusion. Founded in 2009, the company has pioneered in inclusive finance and other innovative practices with the mission to eliminate poverty by providing access to training, capital and productive opportunities. Working closely with public and private sectors, Fundación Capital helps millions of poor families to live their ambitions and expand their resources.
Our design process started by taking inspiration from bees, symbols of hard work and organization in the animal kingdom. Since Fundación Capital is located in many countries in Latin America and has plans to expand further, we then turned the bee-like icon 90 degrees, transforming it into a pin, much like the ones on Google Maps. This way, we turned the very simple, striped, balloon-like symbol into a metaphor for generating hope by creating jobs and development in a variety of places.
Business cards
Black plastic envelope
Tarjetas postales
Folder and business cards
Thank You Gift Box for contributors
Brand collateral
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