— Alberto Senties Catering
Branding & architecture
Alberto Sentíes Catering is a brand focused on providing honest but surprising and authentic food experiences. Headed by renowned chef, Alberto Sentíes, the company boasts more than 10 years of experience and culinary excellence in northern Mexico. Its services extend from the creation of banquets big and small, to bar-tending and kitchen equipment rental, to educational courses and professional consultancy.

Our design proposal upraises Sentíes' authorship primarily by the use of a seal to communicate his gastronomic mastery.
The seal uses a typographical combination of Akzidenz Grotesk and Didot to to give it a surprising, elegant and modern touch. The vast play on typography found throughout the brand represents the chef's creative and expansive use of texture in his culinary creations. His style is clinically clean, precise and loyal to its location, the northeastern city of Monterrey in northern Mexico. The business card's odd foil patch is actually a piece of the city's iconic Cerro de la Silla silhouette.
Logo detail on façade
Brand behavior
Stationery detail
Façade textures
Brand behavior
Silver foil on business cards
Façade detail
Interior design
Interior design
Interior design detail
Specialty dessert
Business card
Stationery set
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Take-out bag
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