— Maria Salinas
Boutique branding & interiorism
María Salinas is a Mexican jewelry design shop that creates custom and personalized pieces using gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones. Maria Salinas wanted a brand that would express the quality and uniqueness of each of their custom pieces, as well as their fine attention to detail.

The brand uses color and typographic subtraction to convey elegance and classic timelessness. Black and gold create the ideal ambiance to bring out the glitz in the brand's jewelry.
The logo, with its sublime refinement and simplicity, is reminiscent of those found in high-end fashion brands.

Since Maria Salinas offers personalized pieces where, together with the client she exchanges and sketches ideas, we integrated tangible grid patterns throughout the branding and the shop's interior design.
Store interiors
Bags and cream packaging set
Business cards
Store interiors
Boutique bags
Folder and letterhead
Foil detail on box
Gold store shelves
Gold foil detail on business card
Shop materials detail
Jewelry display packaging
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