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Based in Monterrey, Mexico's leading industrial city, Main Forum 2025 is a conference focusing on technology, research, development and innovation of automotive products and their manufacturing processes. Its attendees will concentrate on sharing trends and visions of the future of automotives in the year 2025. The idea behind the forum is to create an environment of collaboration and present current breakthroughs arising from Mexico and other leading sources of global innovation.

The logo, based on an abstract mix of chromed automobile emblems and auto racing flags, provides clarity towards Main Forum 2025's main theme of automobile technology. Its three-dimensionality is meant to convey the forum's vision of growth by sharing information on the future of technology in the automobile industry.
For the website, our first objective was to create an immediate visual impact that would immediately take the themes of technology and automobiles and expand on its own aesthetic manifestation. Our second, and most important objective, was to create a very practical site that would not only inform on the forum and present its calendar, but that would also make it very easy to register and pay online.

We selected eye-candy images that focused on mechanical elements and the perfection and detailing of a car's bodywork. The typographical palette belongs to a single typographical family, but still proposes a lovely richness of contrast accomplished by the use of different shades of gray to reinforce typographical hierarchies. We chose gray so as to not interfere with the images' already striking colors.
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