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Riviera Maya Film Festival is a new, inclusive film festival aimed at inspiring the participation and integration of people into the events, locations and films on display. With locations all across the Mayan Riviera in Mexico, the festival is one of a kind in its active mission to promote not only film and arts, but also ecotourism in the region.

Since the festival is an advocate for many things, including its location and it's pre-hispanic heritage, the environment, and the international film industry and community, our inspiration for the logo was drawn from all those properties and more, giving it a deep and well-rounded symbology.
The logo is a comprehensive visualization of a wreath, of two intertwined snakes, of a mayan necklace and of the shape of the sun and its irradiating heat. Staying true to the festival's mission, we designed the stationery and distinct design pieces with eco-friendly and recyclable materials in mind.

The use of color conveys the vitality and energy of the region's remarkable natural treasures and ecosystems. It also creates a direct, albeit harmonious contrast with our use of serif typography meant to communicate formality.
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